AOOS Explained: Implementing agile at Alchemy One. 



The term ‘agile’ and its related working processes are gaining traction these days in media and marketing environments and with good reason. Teams using agile methodologies are more focused, projects maintain speed and processes are constantly examined and redefined. These all keep clients happier but are also proven to build happier teams


With the evolution of media and consumption habits evolving continually, annual marketing plans simply can’t keep up with the way things pivot. Too much can change in one year for even the most well-thought plan to remain relevant. Agile methodologies meet the demand for shifting priorities and have indisputably transformed media and marketing environments. 

Our own agile system, the Alchemy One Operating System (AOOS), was first developed in 2014 and since that time the team have honed our working processes and AOOS has now become the only way we work today.

AOOS uses the SCRUM principles of time-bound sprints and inter-disciplinary team building. However, we have changed some of the scrum processes because we found better ways to work that suited our culture and team.

Today AOOS has three values:

  1. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  2. Constant optimisation and change over comprehensive marketing plans
  3. Client involvement at every stage

Alchemy One first used SCRUM for a project we had for a client who was attempting to totally disrupt their industry and needed a tight turn around. The project had many facets and required a number of our services to work towards launch. We had to find a way to ensure our team maintained focus and there was no room for missed deadlines or one area of the project being under-serviced. 

Using the SCRUM method for this project completely transformed the way we delivered the work and we realised we couldn’t go back to the way we were structuring teams, developing work and delivering projects. From there we applied scrum to all projects and overtime tweaked areas until it became our own ‘Operating System’ thus AOOS was born. 

We have built AOOS into everything we do including the design of our office space. Teams face inward and no-one has their back to the group. We have built areas to encourage thinking in groups and there are no doors (except in the bathroom!). This creates an office space that invites constant conversation, collaboration and free-thinking on all projects with team leaders owning key elements to create one cohesive piece of work.

Our AOOS project boards are also a mainstay of any internal or external project and guide us from start to completion. We also harness the power of collaborative tools such as Asana to ensure everyone is tracking project events and timing. 

We like to think of AOOS as our culture, shaping everything the Alchemy One team touches. This ensures no matter what we do, at its core, the way we work is agile and we have the ability to pivot when needed. We have built a culture that is constantly stimulated, hungry and energised by their working environment.

The goal of AOOS from the beginning and today is to provide a framework that creates a culture of transparency, inspection, and adaptation while making it easier for team members to produce revolutionary thinking for our client’s projects.